Thank you for being my consultant.

From: kasarla srikanth

Sent: Monday, January 03, 2011 12:00 AM
To: Shiva Ranjini A
Cc: Somajiguda
Subject: Re: Discount Coupon

Mrs. Shiva Ranjani

I am glad to inform you that I was recently granted the Canadian Visa for Permanent Residence as a skilled worker(occupation:4131;college and other vocational Instructor).

I am greatly indebted to Y Axis for this achievement, without which this would have never become a reality. You, being my consultant, in particular have been helping me out for the past 6 months in getting the work done efficiently. The Documentation to dispatch model adopted by you will certainly help aspirants like me in striking the right chords at right times.

I look forward to the time that Y axis becomes a role model in this area of services industry.

I came to know that Y axis is shortly going to start their job search portal also, which I am eagerly awaiting to join to, to get a suitable employment in Canada. Kindly mail me the details about this program also at the earliest.


–Srxkxnth Kxsxrlx


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