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Visas Testimonials

Hi Sunil,

Working with you is really nice. I got very quick & professional responses from you. You helped me to get this stage cleared easily. As there are so many frauds in this business, i was a bit hesitant in going to a visa consultant. But after speaking to you, I knew it right away that you could do the job for me. I am very much impressed with your services & would be glad to refer your services to my friends. Thank you very much.


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Australia Testimonials

Hi ,

I have been trying to go abroad since a decade and jumped in to various tunnels thinking they might take me one or the other day to abroad .Years passed but my journey through the tunnels continued with out my eyes looking at the light .Suddenly one day i felt like Sun was infront of me ,that was the day when i approached Y-axis .Now you can imagine what role y-axis played in my life till date .It took me out of the tunnel and has shown me the path that paved way towards australia .Today is the day where i am filled with full of happiness and joy and coming out with flying colors of sucess in getting the VISA .This could have not been possible with out Y-Axis (the SUN in my life) .I spoke to some of my friends who run the immigration consultancies about Y-axis and my VISA processing through Y-axis ,they challenged that Y-axis is not the right destiny for me ,i kept quiet for a while ( few months ) thinking that my decision to choose y-axis was right out of the confidence i have in y-axis.They are experts in VISA documentation to Australia.I can proudly say that my decision was right in choosing y-axis .Jsut simply provide the documents requested by them ,everything else from there is a childs play because we will have to just lay back and concentrate on our work .

Finally i would say Y-axis are the poineers in Australian immigration .It was an awesome experience so far .

Thank you Y-axis ! God bless you and your family of employees.

Regards ,

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Canada Visa:

I would like to recommend your staff Beesukuntala Sarvesh, who has been assisting me with my Application of Canada Immigration, under Mohd. Asif.

He has been very adroit, responsiveness and reliable in handling my case so far.

I can further vouch him to my other friends to liaise with him for their documents.

Hope he escalates to a higher position, handling responsibilities more diligently.

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Country UK:


I would like to appreciate your team for all the support and guidance. To be very honest I have tried few consultants in UK but the only thing which they demand is money. They don’t really look in to the possibilities of getting the visa based on your skills and education. I would like to thank you & your team for supporting me to clear my skill assessment in a short span of time.

Initially Pushpalatha took all the necessary information from my end and provided valuable suggestions and after that Chaitanya reddy turned things around in a systematic and effective way. I would strongly recommend people to Y-Axis for any immigration needs to get the value for their money based on their eligibility to any country.

Once again thanks a lot for all the support from you & your team.


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Country: USA

Hi Maneesha,

I am writing this not as a formality, but it is true that my journey with Y-axis for USA is succeeded just coz of you. When I, started the process with Y-axis I knew nothing, I was very confused with what to do and what not to do. The day I spoke to u it was a great relief for me. Throughout the process u was a great support; u was always there for my every problem. It took me almost one year but u have been so patient with me.

I have also communicated with other counselors of Y-axis but no one is even close to the way u made me understood and coordinated with me. I am not saying that other counselors are not good, but Maneesha for me u was the key to unlock the door of USA.

I think u know it very well that how I reach till here, there were many obstacles, and it took me quite long time to get the way out of it. Behind my success yes, ur contribution is there.

I wish, I could have meet u personally to say thank you, but its seems not possible, so I am doing through this mail.

From the bottom of my soul I really wanna thank u a lot.

A very warm thanks………

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Denmark Testimonials:

HI There,

I am Sunil Punem, I have started my Danish immigration processing from your consultancy about 1 month ago and i have been assigned as a client for one of your process consultant name Shailendra kumar fhiraga. he provide me a great service throughout the entire process at the same time i would say he is one of your great consultant. his service is much appreciated that not ever received before when i spoke other consultancy services. and he generated such a kind of environment that’s very pleasant and very kindness.

If i keep going with this its going to be message that never end.

So please kindly take care of your colleague and give some push to achieve more results in future.

Thank you,

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RWS Testimonial

Please take this as a confirmation for my CV and cover letter to go ahead for marketing which I have opted for.

The CV and CL looks fantastic. Thanks a million for your help, support & hard work.

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SAS  Testimonial

Dear Mohammed,

Many thanks for your email.

I thank Y-axis for their amazing service they have provided me. I will definitely come very shortly to pursue few other services.

Many thanks for everything. Once the holiday season is over we can discuss more.


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Study Overseas

Dear Teena,

Miss Sowjanya.K of your team has been associating with me in capacity of
a process consultant for my Norwegian process for some time.
Over this period she has done a excellent job by doing the entire process
in a very flawless manner.

Even though there was a delay from my part in submitting the documents,she managed it by putting extra effort and time on my process. I am so happy to inform you that her commitment and hard work has resulted in the timely dispatching of my documents, meeting the deadlines.
I would like to place on record my appreciation for the efforts put in by her during the last 2 months.


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