My Experience With Y-Axis Has Been Very Impressive So Far

Review By:  madhurima mukherjee

My experience with Y-Axis has been very impressive so far. For the success of the skill assessment – which is the first stage of my immigration process for Australia, I would like to thank my Process Consultant Vijay Koradi and Process Executive Ms. Prathibha for all the support and co-operation. Vijay has been very helpful during the entire process and because of his guidance and support, it has been a smooth and successful process so far. He is very professional with his approach and is always available when needed. Thank you so much Vijay and Prathibha !!!. And would appreciate the same support until the end of the process Although my visa process is not completed yet but I would still say that Y Axis is reliable and knows the value of your time and money. I would like to thank the entire team of Y axis in advance for their services so far.

Anshul Singhal

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