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Y-Axis is Probably the First one and Biggest in India

Posted on February 25, 2016
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Review By: Rohan Singh.

When you think of moving out of India and you start Googling for different consultants and services, Y-Axis is probably the first one and biggest in India that comes up. I chose Y-Axis to handle my case out of two other consultants and it was for the following reasons.

1. Prompt Response.

2. Professional Response.

3. Systematic Approach.

I signed up with Y-Axis in April 2014 and I received my PR in Jan 2016. For some, this time frame may be a big put off, but the truth is that the pace of processing depends mostly on how quickly and seriously you devote your time to your application. The PR for Australia may be advertised as the fastest than any place in the world but there are a lot of documents to be handled and prepared.

My first place of contact was Anchal Bahl, who briefed me about the time lines. I was assigned a case officer, Samatha, who left midway my application. Then I was assigned another case officer, M Radha, who was critical in handling my case and uploading my documents on the Visa portal. There were some inconveniences in between when, Samatha left, but after contacting Anchal, everything was put in order when I was assigned M Radha.

In conclusion, the success of your Visa Application depends mostly on your credibility and capability. Y-Axis will ensure that you properly understand the steps and guide you through them. I would like to convey my thanks to the entire Y-Axis team, especially M Radha and Anchal (No longer works in Y-Axis). I wish them all the best in the future. I hope that I continue getting the same standard of service from Y-Axis Resume Marketing Service.

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