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Y-Axis Is One Of The Best Immigration Consultants And I’m Glad To Have Chosen

Posted on May 22, 2017
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Review By:  Koushik Mohan

Y-Axis is one of the best Immigration consultants and i am glad to have chosen rightly when i decided to migrate to Australia. It was such a pleasant experience i had from the start to the end (My visa application has been submitted and is expected in a couple of weeks). My RMA – Arvinder Pannu and PC – Dinakar Jackson are the best in the job. All you have to do is provide the required documents for which the RMA and PC are always supportive and kind towards you, polite enough to answer your queries and their expertise is much helpful in submitting the winning applications with confidence. I would have easily spent additionally 4-5 months of processing time for my visa and still dubious with the result, if i had not gone for Y-Axis. With the full satisfaction based on my experience in Visa processing with Y-Axis, i have gone for job search consultancy (Smart Application Service) again with them with the hope that i would be able to land in Aus with a suitable job. Sudhashreelatha, Asst. Team Lead JSS, has been providing good service by understanding my requirements and doing the job search accordingly. Hope to succeed in the job hunt with the support of Sudha and team. Have already been recommending Y-Axis to my friends and would always do so in future. – Koushik Melbourne

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