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Y Axis’s Service Until Date Happens To Be Penny’s Worth

Posted on December 21, 2018
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Y Axis’s service until date happens to be penny’s worth. Having said that, it is up to the candidate to follow up closely and get things done on time. With a very large customer base, they are mostly unavailable for calls at the right moment. It does make it all the more difficult when you have to whatsapp the consultant and you can’t call them. There are many steps one could make before reaching out to Y-Axis, like having your documents verified with WES, Proof of funds from the bank, Valid Passport and the king of all times ‘IELTS’. The only way your profile gets an ITA instantly is if you have it all in place and then reach out to Y-Axis. Don’t begin like a gym membership by paying your fees and then expecting your Gym to work on you. You have to do it all with Y Axis. Remember that they help you do it and they don’t do it for you. There is a lot of difference. Processing was Good. Support was Good via mail. But that being said out of every 10 phone calls, if I get one through that was a miracle already. They are busy, so remember to have finished it all so that their assistance can be beneficial. BOTTOM LINE : JOB SEARCH DOES NOT HAPPEN UNTIL YOU ARE IN CANADA, so do not pay up for it already, save the money and initiate the process after receiving your final call. Over all service is SATISFACTORY.

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Anton Deepak
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