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Y-Axis Tutor Lavita has been thanked by Sameer

Posted on December 20, 2018
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Hi Lavita,

Many thanks for your wishes and my sincere apologies for the delayed response; it has been a very hectic schedule for me for the last 3-4 weeks

I had to take the PTE test on 12th Oct, since I was not allowed to re-schedule due to a very short notice. Attached is my scorecard.

I am super shocked after seeing my scores, especially the scores for enabling skills; I am unable to digest the scores of my enabling skills, except for written discourse

As for the communicative skills, I think I got what I was anticipating. I ran out of time in the speaking section (because of own foolishness) and missed 3 Answers Short questions

 Overall Score: 74

Listening:  71

Reading:   76

Speaking:  66

Writing:      83

In any case, my scores are not sufficient for the further processing of my Australian PR, since I need to get a score of 79 in each of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing sections

Hence I will attempt another try, have not booked it as yet, and will keep you posted

Thanks and Regards,

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