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First and Foremost My All Thanks to Y-AXIS For Their Beyond Expected Service

Posted on May 11, 2015
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First and foremost my all thanks to Y-AXIS for their beyond expected service given by all employed PR consultants including the managerial staff and a very special thanks to Abinayasri Shravan she was instrumental in conveying the appropriate understanding of the procedure and eventually it lead me to the success with a milestone achieved for my CANADA PR VISA. The distinguished experience during the process was the continual and much required follow-up from the Y-Axis consultants which was consistent as well all along the process.In my perception I would definitely recommend the Y-AXIS for all the individuals or couples who come  with the idea of getting migrate to the respective destinations as needed and when needed, because I had to believe the success I got was the result of dedication and services from Y-AXIS team.As a major decisive factor the first step towards the goal was the selection of the consultant and for me it was very difficult and I made the choice to go with Y-Axis.

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