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I Think Y-Axis Delivered Their Promises Up to My Satisfaction

Posted on December 26, 2015
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Review By: Manjunatha Murthy.

I did sign up for the services of Y-Axis for Australian PR application and it’s in the final stages now. I think, they have the complete knowledge on what they are doing and they know the entire process. I had a very good experience with them and it was worth. It’s very helpful so far with the progress and quality. Additionally, the support for PTE services from them was amazing! I was impressed. As Vishali struggled for the documentation initially, they transferred my file to Jagadish quickly, who was good for skills assessment documentation.

From EOI to Visa application Geetha Devi L helped me effectively with the complete process. Though with a bit of delay and follow ups, I am really happy with Geetha Devi’s work and structured documentation to submit the application successfully, I would rate her 8 out 10. And finally, I must thank Amjad Basha from Bangalore sales for his outstanding support throughout the process. He is the one who took complete responsibility and addressed all the issues/concerns I had throughout and ensured the actions. I think Y-Axis delivered their promises up to my satisfaction!

Thank you Y-Axis 🙂

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