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Y-Axis Express Mode Which Means Co-Operation And TRUST

Posted on April 21, 2016
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G- Review about Mr. G. Edward, Process Consultant, Canada Immigration Process, Hyderabad. It was an enriching experience to work with Mr. Edward. Being a review, I would like to state the following: 1. From day one he was supportive, polite, to the point, timely and with co-operative action. 2. As a client/ customer I feel in this immigration process you need to be in an ‘Express mode’ which means co-operation, understanding and TRUST from both parties. I assure and confirm that I received it from Mr. Edward. 3. One of the highlights is that the way he ‘walked me through’ in the process was outstanding and simply splendid. I had the ease and encouragement to rely on my Consultant at any given point of time. 4. Professional in approach. 5. Suggestion: During the process I request the Consultant to just ensure by word of mouth if everything is OK and if he or she is comfortable understanding the process and confident on the way. After all I am a human being with all God given feelings and emotions. This will be a good boost in the process isn’t? 6. Whilst sending e-mails about the process details I request to please increase the font size and even highlight the important details with marker. 7. He has the Process Technical details in his finger tips – thorough knowledge 8. If I receive an Invitation and God willing make it to CA, I vehemently state that Mr. Edward has contributed to the success. Thank you Mr. Edward. God bless you in all your endeavors. It was wonderful working with you.

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