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I Found About Y-Axis By Internet Search

Posted on September 13, 2016
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Review By :  Sampa Bhowmick

I found about Y-Axis by internet search. First Ms. Piyali Neogi Das from Kolkata called me and informed all about the process step by step. She is very friendly and answered all the queries we asked. Till now we had a great relation. For further processing, she forwarded my case to Ms. Babitha Anand Shinde. She is also very friendly and informative. She reminded me all deadlines before time. Whenever I had any queries, she is always ready to give answers in details. So, I NEVER found myself lost or unaware of what is going on. I have entered in the pool and hope Y-Axis will lead the path to my destination in same speed. Best wishes for Y-Axis.

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