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My Success Will Help Y-Axis in Receiving More Clients

Posted on February 4, 2015
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For an investment like Australian PR, one should always take care that he/she should take a professional help. When I think about Y-Axis, I can tell with confidence that I have done the right thing in going to them for my PR visa.

I had done a lot of searching for the perfect consultant and chose Y-Axis when I heard their success from a colleague who got the PR through them.
At first, I had a few hiccups during my initial Engineers Australia review.
But I would give full credit to Ms. Phani Bhargavi U who helped me to again reapply with new CDRs and also to control my emotions.
The road ahead was pretty good for me thanks to the collective effort of Ms.Phani Bhargavi U and Mr. Sampath Kumar Jackulla.
I would specially thank Phani as she was always available to me for queries and doubts. Sampath was also available as a second consultant in the absence of Phani..
Due to the caution and speedily approach of these two guys,I am happy of receiving my PR visa as a direct grant.
I wish success to both these guys. Also my success will help Y-Axis in receiving more clients as interested colleauges who are with me will also contact Y-Axis through my reference.

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