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I Would Recommend Y-Axis To My Friends If They Decide To Go Abroad

Posted on January 17, 2015
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I would prefer to provide my feedback via email instead of a post on google+ or a video on watsapp.

I commend your assistance in my prospective marriage visa application process to Australia. Especially your attention to details. I am happy that I was kept informed about the progress of the application process almost on a daily basis. The entire process was seamless, especially as I didn’t have to visit Y-Axis office to submit the documents. This online process is wonderful.

I cannot believe that I visited your office only once at the beginning of this entire process. When Mahesh’s visa was processed a couple of years ago, I remember how many times he had to visit Somajiguda branch to submit document upon document. We weren’t satisfied with the services provided to him and I was afraid that the experience might be repeated in my case too. The only reason I went along with Y-Axis services in the beginning is because I thought, it might be easier as Mahesh’s visa was also processed by Y-Axis and his data is available in your database.

But, I am amazed at how easy and quick my application processing has been. Kudos to you and your team who assisted me so far in my journey. I hope I would receive the same kind of response and services from you until my visa is granted. I am a happy customer and I would recommend Y-Axis to my friends if they decide to go abroad.


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