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I Have Received Very Prompt Replies With in Minutes

Posted on February 17, 2016
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I was referred by one of my colleagues for Y-axis and another consulting firm. But Y-Axis was prompt enough in contacting me and answering my queries satisfactorily. I felt Y-Axis more professional, reliable, prompt and economical too. After initial hiccups and stressful time with initial process consultant for ECA & IELTS when I was assigned to Mr. Pradeep Kumar N and Md. Abdul Rafi I had a great relief. Mr. Pradeep Kumar N was assigned for CAN-MRPS service (Express entry profile) and Md. Abdul Rafi was assigned for JAS-Canada-SAS (Resume marketing). In fact, I could not attend their first call as I was in a meeting. I saw their emails and contacted them and then everything was just like slicing the butter! I never thought everything could proceed so fast towards creation of Express Entry Profile and Job bank registration. I specially want to mention here about Mr. N Pradeep Kumar for his extremely professional prompt and dedicated service. He completed the entire process well before I expected. I have received very prompt reply, in fact in minutes, of each one of my emails. He is always available on phone and ever ready to assist. Mr. Pradeep always keep me updated through frequent communications through emails and telephone and I am complete aware of the situation that is happening.

He clarified all my queries and doubts and most important he has the capability and prudence to understand your need and query. After my very bitter experience with the ECA client I felt like I am lucky to have Mr. Pradeep as my new process consultant. I find him very sincere, organized, dedicated to the task, prompt and very efficient and knowledgeable. Regarding JAS-Canada-SAS I would share my experience within couple of days.

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