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I Just Received The Grant Letter For Aus PR Today

Posted on March 11, 2017
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Review By :  Shrinithi Mudambi

I just received the Grant Letter for Aus PR today. The whole process was handled professionally and efficiently, although there few hiccups in between. But, nonetheless I’m thankful to 2 Process Consultants, one is Mounika who is no longer with Y-Axis and the other being Syed Afroz, who took up my case when she left. Towards the end it was Syed who really helped in prepping up for the subsequent steps that followed, mainly the documentation. From what I have seen, patience is really important and Syed was always calm, polite and ready to listen no matter how stupid my questions were, as matters concerning Visa/ Immigration are always riddled with loopholes. Lastly, thankful to Shilpa, who although was operating from Mumbai, was very helpful to expedite the process whenever there was an escalation and to Sushma, the Manager who gave enough clarification when in doubt/ when Syed was not around. I strongly recommend them if you were to approach Y-Axis for getting an Australian PR.

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