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Really appreciate Y-Axis generous response

Posted on March 23, 2020
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The journey so far has been very progressive and the credit undeniably goes to Carlisle Khan and Sreekanth Ameera for being so prompt and supportive. Carlisle has guided me in the right direction providing all nitty-gritty details of the entire process and patiently clarified every query I had. Sreekanth on the other hand relentlessly followed up and assisted with the required paperwork. I am very pleased with the manner my case is being handled. Oct 2019: I am quite delighted to have received my first invitation call to lodge a 190 Visa. The wait was immensely long and the journey no less than a hurdle race. Having received a nomination call only a day prior to my skill assessment expiration, I barely had much hope of an invite, without Carl going the extra mile to bring in the approval. I truly thank Carl to have supported me throughout this process by providing direction and advice whenever needed. Even with immigration rules and processes changing every other day, it is remarkable how he never misses a beat. He is so well informed and methodical in his approach that I always imbibe confidence and hope with his consultation. I really appreciate his generous response that not only answers my question but always helped to calm my anxieties.

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Rajeswari Sarkar
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