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My Rating is 10/10 EXCEPTIONAL!!!

Posted on December 11, 2014
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Hi Mahesh,

Thank you very much 🙂

The fact is I need to Congratulate YOU for this success.
It was you who have been doing all the field work throughout the entire process and it’s time to share the joy with us.
It would not have been possible for us to get Australia PR so soon without your help.
When I first contacted Y-Axis, I did not know anything about Australia’s immigration process.
It was you who handheld us and took us all the way to the destination.
The fact is, I will remember you always.
Whenever I think of how I reached Australia, I will obviously remember MAHESH.
You have been extremely patient, listened to my queries and clarified all possible doubts I had regarding the entire process at various instances.
Thank you so much for all that Mahesh.
If I had been in Hyderabad, I would have definitely taken you out for a GRAND TREAT.

Once again, thanks a tonne Mahesh and to rate you – my rating is 10/10 EXCEPTIONAL!!!


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