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One Of The Best Online Courses That I’ve Ever Attended Till Date

Posted on November 1, 2018
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One of the best online courses that I’ve ever attended till date. The classes were very professional and the tutors know the area of study like the back of their hand. The class timings were so convenient and a handful of slots were available, so that working professional like me can choose their own timings when they’re comfortable. The study materials provided by Y-Axis are genuine and the tests in their LMS were almost as good as the actual exam.The additional websites they suggested, also helped me very much in the exams and the variety of examples and tests that I attended made my exam easy and less frightening. I almost had no fear when I entered my exam hall and all thanks to my tutor. The class experience ,of course depends on the tutor that you get and every tutor has their own style and method of teaching. The one I got was “Somdutta Pachori” and I consider myself to be immensely lucky that I had the chance to get her as my tutor. She does this amazing thing where she makes the class both fun and extremely knowledge acquiring. She was with us the whole time and provided us with more than enough knowledge ,confidence and guidance. Once, even when she was not well and couldn’t come to the office, she came online and continued teaching us. She’s very talented and extremely motivated to teach her students with everything she has got. I was not sure when I was told to attend an online class and was very doubtful about it’s effectiveness and efficiency. But she turned us all around and the made the class fun and informative. I am not exaggerating when I say I was never more happy to attend a class in my life. All the students in my batch felt that way too. She’s the best and I am pretty sure that Y-Axis has more amazing tutors just like her, working with them. The team working with her was also very helpful. Hope you have an amazing experience just as I did. All the Best.

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roshan joseph
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