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I am Successful and Obtained the Australian Visa to Migrate

Posted on July 28, 2015
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I am fortunate enough for having got the consultation services of Y-Axis for Australia Immigration. Now I am successful and obtained the Australian Visa to migrate, work and settle down in Australia and I would like to attribute this fete to Y-Axis for their excellent support, expertise and guidance. I wish to start my thanks-giving with Shilpa Sharma of Andheri Office, who was instrumental in convincing me to apply for an Australian visa with her consultation and counseling, which gave me the right confidence to go for it. Then comes, Sumith Bandari, my Process Consultant, whom I would be grateful for his immense patience shown towards me to make me understand the intricacies and nuances of the entire process and he is very prompt and alert in every stage of the visa process. He really made me feel like a friend who seeks guidance rather than treating me as one of his customers. Sumith is really an awesome guy to work with. Last but not least, Vijay Koradi, an enterprising person with good command in English, who guided me during the final steps of the visa process in highly professional way.

I would also like to thank Swathi Palakursha, Shailaja P and Suraj Bhan Singh for being always ready to resolve my queries and issues whenever I approached them. To be frank, in the beginning, I was little skeptical to approach and take the services of Y-Axis after reading some negative feedback written by a few in some websites, I did raise this point to Shilpa during my first one-on-one with her and her response to my concern on these feedbacks was excellent and satisfactory. Fortunately, I have not made the blunder of leaving the services of Y-Axis at that juncture. In my opinion, Y-Axis is a truly professional organization with experts and doing a great service to the people who aspires to migrate to different regions to study, work, and live. Once again I submit my sincere thanks to Y-Axis team and wish them all the best in their endeavours.

Best Regards,

Balaji K.

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