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It Has been a Really Nice Experience For Me With Y-Axis

Posted on October 9, 2015
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Review By: Kumar Tejaswi.

Currently enrolled for CAN MRPS and JAS. Process consultant initially was not at all interested to help me. I had to escalate the matter and then they immediately change the process consultant. The new consultant assigned to me was Bhargavi C. I see good reviews about many consultants. Having read the reviews, I should accept that Bhargavi is not one of the best consultants. She is the only best consultant. Absolute star in the process, patient to Nth degree with a questioning freak like me, has in-depth understanding of the process, is always available on phone or email, shares all relevant information, guides me to do the right thing at right time, does not hurry and even asks me to be patient. In short, she is “the best” in the area of service.

I cant be more thankful to Y-Axis to have assigned her to me. She is just brilliant. I had first interacted with Y-Axis in 2009 for JAS. I straight away went to them without thinking of any other organization. And I have been satisfied. I liked the overall client management from Harjinder Mankoo to Bhargavi. I would strongly recommend anyone who wants to explore overseas careers to reach out to Y-Axis. Mind you, this is not a paid review and my process is not complete yet. Until now, it has been a really nice experience for me with Bhargavi, who is the face of Y-Axis for me.

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