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Lino thanks Roopesh and Anthony Rajan, IELTS tutor

Posted on February 17, 2018
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Hello Roopesh, Anthony, Sir/Madam,

Over the last four weeks, I have been attending different modules that have been conducted by Mr. Rajan for IELTS training.

I would like to state that the training was really an eye opener for me especially for understanding the subtle nuances. Through the different practise sessions and feedback, I have improved my overall English. The sessions made me aware of the areas that I lagged behind in. One example was that in the speaking modules, I tended to pause a lot (err, ahh) and also used certain words repetitively. I wasn’t aware of this until it was brought to my notice. I am now making a conscious effort to correct the same.

Mr. Rajan has been especially patient with us, especially when we repeated our mistakes. The constant practices that were given as part of the LMS and the other websites will enable me to improve my score and take it to a higher level.

Throughout the courses I have been fortunate not to face a technical issue with the LMS software or the webinar, and for this, I would like to credit the technical staff for ensuring that there were no glitches. I have still not booked my exam dates due to certain scheduling constraints but I am sure that they will help me with the same when I am ready.

Once again, I thank the entire staff at Y-Axis for the effort put in during the last four weeks to enabling me to improve my knowledge, which helped me become a better communicator.

Thanks and Regards,

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