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Kudos to All of You Will For a Job Well Done / Y-axis

Posted on September 16, 2015
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Review By: Subash Mani.

I applied for Australian Immigration and initiated the process from Y-Axis Mumbai through Shilpa in April, 2014. Shilpa was very informative and helpful in explaining the details with regards to how the process works from the start till the very end. Once I decided to go ahead with the Australian PR (sub class 190 Skilled Labor) the initial process of form filling and information gathering started off with Shilpa. Once this was completed, my file was handed over to Chandan at Y-Axis Hyderabad. Chandan was very helpful in constantly checking with me with regards to organisation charts, job description, attestation and kept pushing me to complete the same at the earliest possible so that the process could be further initiated. Once I completed my work with Chandan, I was then introduced to Swathi who then helped me out to complete the remaining process of getting the final Australian PR letter which included necessary payments, collection of all required documentation, application to South Australia, police verification and medical health check up.

Finally I have been introduced to Hemanth who is assisting me with getting myself set up in South Australia with regards to accommodation, resume writing, opening of a bank account, SIM card as well as job search. It has been an overwhelming response / effort from the Y-Axis team to ensure that I get through with ease. There has been no such time that I faced any sort of discomfort but was in fact surprised to see the kind of dedication and follow up by the Y-Axis team. It was such a smooth transition from one person to another and every time I spoke to a different person, I felt that the person I am talking to knows me for a long time. This shows that the handover process of information was excellent. The entire process from my first visit to Y-Axis till I received my Australian PR just took me 1 year and 3 months (April, 2014 – July, 2015). I could have completed the process faster (maybe in 1 year) but the delay was from my end as I was travelling a lot and could not keep up with the pace that Y-Axis maintains.

Kudos to all of you’ll for a job well done. You’ll are my friends forever !!! Good luck to all of you’ll and keep up the good work !!! Warm wishes and best regards Subash Mani.

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