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Y-Axis Good For Resume Writing And Marketing Services

Posted on January 10, 2018
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I’ve opted Y-Axis for Resume Writing and Resume Marketing services for Singapore. The first thing I noticed with Y-Axis was their thoroughly professional and process driven approach to even the simplest of tasks. They have been very punctual when it comes to responding to mails, calling or returning calls, sending reports and responding tirelessly to my endless queries. They ensure that I’m kept well informed about the status and developments, and have kept me engaged and taken my inputs for the entire duration of resume writing and marketing services. With regards to marketing, they have put in their best possible efforts and have also gone beyond the call of duty to maximize my chances of getting an interview call. They are very honest and forthright in their interactions, and do not make any false promises. The consultants are well informed regarding the current state of the industry and are well aware of the immigration policies of different countries. My sincere thanks to Mr.Anganjyoti and Ms. Meena.D, my consultants at Y-Axis. I have been really fortunate to get an opportunity to interact and work with both of them. I’d highly recommend Y-Axis to anyone looking for overseas opportunities.

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Shyam Venkatesan
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