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I Suggest to Visit Y-Axis For Any Migration

Posted on March 12, 2015
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I was being waiting for such a long time for this testimonial to post…..

Hello Folks how are you……

I went to Australia in Feb 2004 and i was back to India in Jan 2007. The journey in that period was ups and downs with Awesome time, fabulous friends, funny things and let me stop here list goes on.

Australia is such a place where you can’t just come back like that and i have been done that and i just came back without any target. Now i am suffering to go back since from 7 years. I came back and joined as Software Engineer in India, Hyderabad. I used to browse all the rules and regulations of Australia high commission does.

Now the Immigration did some favor and updated the rules which matches my profile i.e. Modl list has been updated with Software Engineer.

I visited Y-Axis to find out the how exactly this profile matches to me and what are the terms and conditions. I stepped in Y-Axis around in May 2014 and met Chaitanya G (Immigration Consultant) she was so polite, explained all scenarios, fastest solutions for my questions. Straight away i understood that I have to sign for the Process at that movement and i did that. Once i have signed in i have been applied for Australia Evaluation Report and the outcome of that was success to apply for 189,190 visa subclass.

I have decided to go with 189 Skilled Independent Visa from Evaluation report. I have been pleased to Chaitanya to assign my case to Sr. Process Consultant for the fastest process and quickest answers for my questions. She understood my ask and i have been assigned to Tamkanath Kauser (Polite, fabulous, Awesome so on). Kauser was my case officer from Y-Axis as soon as she was assigned she called me and explained in such a manner that no one can ask for further questions. She sent me checklist & asked to upload to the y-axis portal. Once the documents were uploaded i have got quickest responses from Kauser what she needs more and what i have to provide to apply for ACS process. In the meantime i have given my TOEFL IBT test and got my successful score as required for PR. The following week i got my ACS success report. We have applied for EOI once i was ready with TOFEL and ACS report. I got my EOI in one day at that moment i think i was one of the luckiest person in the world to get that so quickly as it takes more than 2 months.

Now we have got 60 days of time from the date i have received the invitation letter. I was in busy with getting the TOEFL score card and other documents as requested by Kauser. I request all the readers/applicants that please do update the contact address of USA address in TOEFL login when you order the score card. As the score card delivery to India it takes 6 weeks or more without any holidays & trust me i think it will eat up our valuable time such as mine. I have ordered the score card in 3rd week of Nov 2014 till now i haven’t received.

Finally after all documents ready I have applied for visa on 14th Jan 2015….

A tons of thanks to Kauser/Chaitanya for supporting me in all situations where ever i needed. I suggest to visit Y-Axis and get in touch with Chaitanya for your process if any one applicable for any migration.

I know some people have got negative feedback on Y-Axis. I believe we are educated and smart enough to take decision we need to provide each & every point to them when you apply & should not hide anything with them.

Trust me we will make our dream come true…….once again a tons tons tons of thanks to Chaitanya to making me process further and Kauser to making me my life time achievement dream come true.

Please find the summary of my application:

Australia Evaluation Report – 05/05/2014
Toefl Report                       – 11/08/2014 – 11/15/2014 (7 Days)
ACS Report                       – 11/19/2014 – 11/27/2014 (9 Days)
EOI Report                        – 11/27/2014 –  11/28/2014 (1 Day)
Visa Applied                      –  01/14/2015 –  03/10/2015 (7 Weeks)

All the best to each and every one…:)

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