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I Hope that I Would Succeed in Getting a Job and a PR in Canada

Posted on August 19, 2015
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Review By: Ravikiran Kuppa.


The process consultant is quite helpful and follows up very regularly to help me with my queries. However, I would like to mention here that the process of getting a PR is not that easy as it sounds/appears initially from the sales consultant. Getting points(above 400) is a herculean task. One more aspect here is about the initial Sales consultant who contacts us for the initial inquiry presents us with a green picture. However, as we proceed with the procedure, we realize that the scenario is not that easy to secure a job in Canada inspite of having a good qualification and relevant IT work experience. In my case especially, though I have a post graduation in IT and a relevant work experience of 13 years, I am still struggling to get the required points. I am right now in a disappointed state with respect to this Canada express entry and have least hope that I would succeed in getting a job and a PR in Canada.

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