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Recommend Y-Axis to Everybody Irrespective of the Countries

Posted on September 5, 2015
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Review By: Rajesh R.

I was in dilemma in choosing the consultancy to process my PR for Australia. I had come across and spoke to so many consultancies before approaching Y-Axis. I was still not confident on how Y-Axis will process it when I decided to go for it. However, process consultant like Mr. Pavan Kumar Duggu has made it all possible. He has given crystal clear information before and after processing documents for all the stages.

He was very patience in listening and extremely polite when clarifying every question and doubts that I raised. He will also give right suggestion towards smooth solution. I strongly recommend Y-Axis to everybody irrespective of the countries that you would like to apply. Y-Axis has some highly talents consultants like in my case Mr Pavan. Thanks Y-Axis and Pavan Kumar Duggu for such an outstanding service.


Rajesh Radhakrishnan

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