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I Strongly Recommend Y-Axis For Anyone

Posted on February 24, 2016
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Review By: Prasad Domala.

I would like to share my experience with Y-Axis & Team (Sumanth, Swathi 7 Vinutha) Its been a long journey with ups and downs. But finally we reached our goal. I got my Grant after more than a year of processing. Many thanks to Swathi & Sumanth who helped me a lot in this journey. I would like to mention the dedication Sumanth showed in my case during the ACS phase. The first ACS request was rejected after which I was kind of discouraged. But Sumanth directed me to go for another shot which was successful. Thanks to him in advising me with the right roles and responsibilities. Swathi was assigned to my case and I should say she is really professional. She helped me a lot in getting all the documents required for the Visa right. She observed all the documents very carefully and suggested some important modifications. She was very proactive in communicating with me. I did not see any delays from her what so ever. Thanks a lot Swathi.

I would also like to mention Vinutha Reddy who was in-fact the first person I met in Y-Axis. She explained me the whole process very elaborately which influenced me to make the decision to go with Y-Axis. Thanks Vinutha. Overall I strongly recommend Y-Axis for anyone looking to immigrate to Australia. A word of caution: There will be some hick-ups in the journey. But don’t give up and trust these guys. They will help you in any way they could. Thanks a ton for your services Sumanth & Swathi & Vinutha.

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