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I Have Received My Visa Grant For Australia Just Yesterday

Posted on June 27, 2016
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Review By :  Godsy K

I have received my Visa Grant for Australia just yesterday. And, I have to thank Y-axis for all the support. Right from organizing all the needed documents to check my eligibility to the VIsa Application phase, they were my guide. Especially, the Australian Process consultant, Pavan Duggu. Who was not only helped through the process, but also was a great moral support the whole time. He directed me through all the steps and also helped me set the right expectations about the timeline. I personally believe that we got it VIsa Grant rather quickly because of his meticulous checks of all the needed documents and the proactive prep Pavan did from his side.. Kudos to the Y-axis team and Pavan. Thanks guys. You helped me and my family entire a whole new phase of our lives.

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