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I Got The PR Finally!!

Posted on October 29, 2016
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Review By :  Barani Narayanan

I am just updating my review once again!! I got the PR finally!! Previously, When I wrote the testimonial, I got the EOI confirmation letter. Now, I am writing the testimonial because I got the visa grant letter!! I have to appreciate Radha for her work in making this possible!!! She was cool and calm enough to handle things in an efficient manner. I am usually very lazy in responding to emails or submitting docs. It is only because of her dedicated hard work and better technical skill in the process work, I was able to successfully get the visa grant letter. She is a great asset to the Y-Axis. Believe it or not, The documentation is very very lengthy process for Australian PR application. You have to fill multiple forms and documents which cannot be done easily by a normal individual. I bet on that. Y-Axis have experts like Radha to guide us in doing everything from the beginning till the end which is why their success rate is really high!! You can just relax and follow what they say one by one. At the end, Boommmm, you will be surprised like what I got now!!! From my experience, I feel that the service provided by them (especially from Radha) is one of the best I have ever seen and I am extremely happy with that. Thank you very much team for the unbelievable support you provide as always!!

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