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Process Executive Priscilla Was Very knowledgeable And Generous

Posted on May 31, 2012
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Hello All,

As soon as I was enrolled for the immigration program, I was allocated a dedicated process executive (Priscilla) and she was in contact with me through out the application process. On top of that, Vijaya also did continuous follow-up with the documentation. Priscilla was very knowledgeable and generous. She gave me regular updates on the application and helped with the documents and process at each and every step. Finally, with her support I got my Australia PR (176) Visa.

Priscilla, I do not know who is manager or higher official, but you can forward this email to them. I strongly recommend recognition / pat on back award for your great work or compensate in any other way possible.

Once again Thank You Y-Axis team, especially Priscilla.


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