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Really Hlpful Right Through The Process And Helped Me To Get Through All The Hurdles

Posted on May 8, 2017
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Review By:  sabareeshnathan Gunasekar

I am a post graduate in science with specialization in Software engineering. I wanted to apply for an Australian PR and decided to go with some consultancy. But my friends weren’t convinced to approach a consultancy and advised me to apply myself. After some proper analysis on the process and the documentation i decided to go via a consultant to avoid the miss conceptions which will delay our process. I approached Y-axis and started my process. Initially, i wasn’t happy as the documentation process delayed a lot but later i understood it was only to make things proper which keeps our success 100%. Now, my first process on assessment has been completed . Kudos!!! to Sushma and Navoday for their excellent follow ups… They did a great job by assisting me in understanding the necessary requirements and followed me to provide those on time. Though there was a delay in my whole process but the final fruit was delicious on achieving the height. My hearty appreciations to Sushma who was really helpful right through the process and helped me to get through all the hurdles. Also, I would thank Mithun Nair for his additional support. I wish all the best for the Y-axis team and future candidates to get through the process with the help of Y-axis team. Thanks Y-axis team.

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