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I Am Happy To Be Have Been Associated With Y-Axis

Posted on December 16, 2014
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Hi Maria,

Couple of days ago I dispatched all the documents to CIC. Even after few months of signing up with Y-Axis, I wasn’t happy with the way my case was moving forward or rather how it was being handled. Just wanted to let you know when Priyanka was assigned to me things started changing for good. I really liked the way she took this forward and her approach was quite commendable and professional. She was very helpful and very patient in explaining the whole process to me during the course of our interaction. It’s only because of her that I was able to dispatch all the documents in a short period of time though she was assigned to me during 1st week of Nov’14

I’m happy to be have been associated with Y-Axis and Priyanka. Hoping to receive a positive news in the months to come from CIC. Appreciate your prudence in changing the process consultant to Priyanka at the right time

Since you are her Team leader, I wanted to you know about this and hence thought of writing this email directly to you. Please pass my acknowledgements to Priyanka as well.


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