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This is a Great Place to Get Started on With Immigration Plans

Posted on September 26, 2015
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Review By: Anoop Alphonse.

Its four years that i have waited for my breakthrough to AUS and I am glad at last its happening, i first heard of Y- axis from my dear friend Jebin who referred me to this institution. When i did he actually emphasized on the fact that this is a clear company and these guys are straight forward and professional, what they tell you are the facts on the current improvements. My process consultant is Mr.Mahesh and he did a great job, he helped and bared me patiently through the process, the best part i felt with him was he always had a alternative option for things you get stuck with, i feel this saved my time a lot.

Last but not the least Mr.Vamsi Ramana this guy is the person where it all started, i remember calling y-axis for the first time and he was there, till day has been a well wisher his approach and professionalism was one of the main reasons why i am still rendering services from Y-axis. Above all this is a great place to get started on with immigration plans,Vamsi, Mahesh, Shalija, Ramya, all these are doing a great job !! keep it up guys.

Cheers!! Anoop Alphonse.

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