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Going forward I would definitely recommend Y-Axis to any of my friends / family who are willing to move abroad.

Posted on March 31, 2014
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Hello All,

Finally the wait is over and I have now received AUS PR Grant Notification.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all in helping me obtain this.

I am so glad and it would not have been done without you guys.

I might have to tell this, before I made the decision to go ahead with Y-Axis, I had a very bad experience with another overseas consulting company. For them I was just another client who brings money and nothing else but for me it was my future.

So, I was very skeptical and was not sure about your approach to the clients especially that we have to work together remotely since I am not living in India. This really stressed me out. But I went with my gut feeling and I am very very glad that I did chose you.

All of you guys have been very professional and helpful in clarifying a million questions which I had during the entire process.

I want to specially thank:

Piyali N – who helped me take a very important decision to go ahead with Australia.

When I first spoke to you, I was so confused and was unable to make a decision as to which country I should prefer. But you did a wonderful job to help me decide by comparing & clarifying different countries and possibilities. Also your communication and details on all the information provided was very assistive. It was a pleasure working with you Piyali. Thanks a ton !

Shilpa J – Helped me file ACS.

This was the start of the application process where I had no clue about all the documentation required and the level of details within the documentation. At first when you sent me the checklist I wasn’t even sure if I had all the required documentation. Moreover I am not used to notary, declarations and related stuff. But you managed this very well by answering a lot of my queries without hesitation and most importantly suggesting positive ways to get the documentation in place. If not for you I would not have got the documentation done. Also you gave me a lot of information regarding the next stage of the process which helped me to plan things forward. Thanks a lot Shilpa.

Vijaya Lakshmi – Helped me file EOI and Visa application.

There was a lot of wait time before ACS result came before which I was not able to do anything except preparing for IELTS. At this stage you have been assigned as my PC, and I was not sure about you since I was used to Shilpa. But you have handled the process very smoothly without any problem. A big relief J. Also at this stage I had to renew my passport and I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. Once again, your expertise helped me clarify and understand the process and most importantly relax. With your assistance I managed to get all the documentation required for EOI and DIAC applications. Your ability to patiently answer all the different question (both relevant and non-relevant) was very effective. Thank you very much Vijaya.

Ravi – Helped me finish the rest.

By this stage most of the things were done but not completed. Ravi came into the scene to wrap things up at a quick pace. You clarified a lot of question regarding medicals and PCC and ofcourse the things I need to consider going forward. Thanks a lot Ravi.

I would like to heartfully thank you and all the guys behind the scenes who supported me from the last few months to gain the AUS PR.

I am sad that I could not thank in person because I am not in India but you guys have made my dream come true. You have raised my impression on Y-axis as a whole.

Going forward I would definitely recommend Y-Axis to any of my friends / family who are willing to move abroad.

Thanks a lot and you guys have a great time J

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