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There are very few services in India for which we can vouch. I feel Y-Axis is one amongst them

Posted on November 2, 2012
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Dear Maam,

I am Rishi Wakle, one of your client and I am seeking PR services for Australia.

Ms. Sowjanya Reddy is my case officer and I would like to enumerate the following for your kind consideration.

– Ms. Sowjanya has been very helpful through out the process till date.

– It was her effort, which could get me clearance for Skill Assessment from AIM in just a weeks time frame. She guided me correctly and took extra pains to make me undergo various additions and alterations. I  appreciate her and Y-Axis effort in selecting correct profession (Supply Chain and Distribution Manager), which enabled easy state sponsorship. My career spans for more than 20 years, thus it was prudent on their part to suggest the correct profession.

– During the IELTS results, in the first attempt I could not achieve the desired score, in my down moment both Ms. Sowjanya and Ms. Achira (Delhi Case officer), encouraged me and lifted my moral.

– I was again happy to note her response whilst filing the state sponsorships. Both South and West Australia were filed with electric speed and accuracy. Same goes for the filing of EOI.

– Currently I am in process of filing the Visa post receipt of invite from DIAC. I am sure same response will be displayed by her till the visa is received.

Ms. Sowjanya is in regular contact with me and does not hesitate to call me for some information.

There are very few services in India for which we can vouch. I feel Y-Axis is one amongst them. And to make sure your mark remains the same, people like Ms. Sowjanya Reddy are responsible.

I really appreciate her services and dedication. Please take this as appreciation and feedback. I will be happy if she is conveyed about this mail.


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