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Finally It Was an Happy Ending / Y-axis Consultancy Services

Posted on February 3, 2015
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When I was working in Australia I had planed to apply for Australian PR, but listening to the process, documentation and other things I started to postpone by giving one or the other reason.

Last January I visited Koramangala, Bangalore Y-Axis office to know the Australian PR process. They explained it in such a way that I felt its not that difficult as I thought.

After my initial assessment they explained me the step by step process. They kept me cool and made me to worry about the current step rather than the later one. When you are in the PR process you will be listening to lots of people, there experience and their problems. Then you will start to panic or worry. At these time the Y-Axis people explained me and gave right direction and suggested lets finish this step then we will think on the others later.

After my ACS, there was some hiccups because of the communication problem I felt I was stuck and miss directed. At this time Radha was assigned as my agent.

Radha helped a lot when I felt I had hit a dead end. But she explained the alternatives, and suggested me which will be the best alternative. When I was in confusion she asked “Prashanth, do have any other alternatives?. No, Then lets try this now. why are you thinking about the problems may come.” which made sense. My Visa process took little more time than planned but finally it was an happy ending.

I should also mention about Sandeep, who used to regularly reminded me about the required documents and next steps. When Radha was away or busy, Sandeep used to provide information and guidance.

In the process at one or two places I felt Y-Axis would have guided me better. But in overall it was a very good experience.

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