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The Experience With Y-Axis Has been a bit of a Mix Feelings

Posted on February 25, 2016
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Review By: Deiti Tariang.

The experience with Y-Axis has been a bit of a mix feelings… There are people who worked directly with us (Clients) that needed to be reminded about their work and there were times it took days, for them to revert back on emails or in that matter for any kind of information. In times like that, we felt it was quite a waste of time to signed up with Y-Axis. So I suggest Y-Axis should try and give these kind of employees a training or make them understand that, working in a customer related environment, one should try and be prompt with their work or else the clients gets the feeling that, that particular person is not interested in working with their case forward.

But there are few people who are very professional and go out of their way to make sure, that they make us (clients) understand what we are looking for and at what stages we are in.

So this is the reason I gave a 4 star to my feed back.

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