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My Experience With Y-Axis Has been Great

Posted on April 15, 2015
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My experience with Y-Axis has been great and i was confident at all the stages , as they were giving prompt inputs and guidance .PR process take time and are constantly hindered with change in rules and other factors , so we need to be patient and have contingent plans ready.Before signing up we have to give our IELTS  and see if you can get the score that is the base requirement , as few of my colleagues could not get the required score and were held up because of that and we cannot blame Y-Axis for that .
Mr G.Praveen ,Mr.Hami Nirmound anmd Ms.Naziya were my process consultant who were extremely compassionate  with their job.

Y-Axis has a frequent verification calls made to you to enquirer about the process consultant so we have a very honest system in place , No worries if you have all the documents then they will assist you with their best possible Guidance .

Thank You Y-Axis.

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