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I Have Nothing But Great Things To Say About Y-Axis

Posted on May 18, 2016
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Review By :  Sneha Marathe

I had an excellent experience with y axis. I have nothing but great things to say about it. At first I was skeptical about choosing it because reviews on google were not great. But now I understand, that most people’s problem was not getting the visa approved in spite of paying, which actually isn’t in company’s hands. All they can do is help you to get proper documents so that decision of the visa will be positive, the final decision is taken by embassies and any agency has nothing to do with it even if you pay anything! My agent was Ms. Rayees Sultana. She was really prompt and accurate. She helped me in detail with all the documents and my UK visa got approved in 6 days. Also initially I had applied in September for the January 2016 term, but due to health problems I could not proceed at that time. Y-axis put my case on hold without any extra charges and helped me for the visa for the June 2016 term, without charging anything. Everyone I spoke with was kind, friendly and very co-operative. I would like to thank Ms. Rayees Sultana and team for their prompt help and accurate guidance. Thank You so much!

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