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Like Everyone Eeven I Have Enrolled To Y-Axis

Posted on December 28, 2017
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Sreehari Sreekumar
Like everyone even I have enrolled to Y-Axis with a flickered mind because nowadays there are lot of stories popping up around our community about the fake consultancies and consultants. Hence I thought of sharing my post here so that someone else can also get benefit out of my review.Post enrolling to the Canada PR program in Y-Axis,, the executive ‘Aravind’ from Y-Axis completely changed my view. A very sincere person who always make sure to call me to give each and every update which is related to my application status and other immigration news about Canada. There is always a sure shot mail from Aravind on the very next day of each draw to update about the IR draw points and Provincial considerations. A very reliable and efficient executive and a very sincere and great job. Thanks a lot Aravind.
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