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Appreciation for the Counseling provided by you was Excellent

Posted on February 1, 2011
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From: shashank rege
Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2011 6:49 PM
To: Joshila Hepsibha L
Subject: Appreciation mail

Dear Joshila,

Hope will be in fine spirits. I was extremely busy in few of my audits in hand in our facility.

Tried to call you but the number was busy and so I think it is better to write at this moment. I personally feel that the way the case was handled by you is a real example not only showing that all the conversations done and counseling provided by you are excellent but also clears the picture that the way you handled the case and brought it to a conclusive end is a real case of excellence.

When I came to know that the cap is closed for the management category, I was very disappointed. It is you, who handled the case from a new perspective and provided me a guideline so that I was able to best fit my experience and qualifications in the ‘Pharmacist’ category.

I think it is because of your in-depth knowledge of the case and CIC requirements, you have provided the maximum possible technical help to help me shaping my case which can be considered optimum or more for Visa consideration.

I think at this point of time you actually deserve for this appreciation and I am very positive about my results from CIC, which I hope will come soon where to get the case going further, you will definitely continue the same degree of cooperation for my case.


Shxshxnk Rxgx

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