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Thank You A Tonne For All The Constant Efforts & Dedication

Posted on July 20, 2017
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Review By: Pratheep Kumar D.S

Hi Team,

Wanted to drop you a note of appreciation for my tutor Anthony Rajan ( PTE Coach). Though it’s almost a month, still would like to let you know my feed back on the coaching

Course : PTE

Duration : Nov 14th to Dec 9th 2016

Initially the course started off with tutor Nina and on the third day, we were told that Mr.Antony Rajan would be continuing the session due to some technical and unavoidable situation. I thought why these changes all of a sudden when it started off well with the Tutor Nina.

When the class started, I was thinking how well can I be able to grasp things and understand his teaching methods, communication etc.. lots were running in my mind.

Later when the class proceeded, all the confusions that flashed my mind slowly started moving out and I was clear that Anthony Sir is the right person for us to guide and help in my training session.

Right from the day he took over and started his training session, he was a major source of inspiration for me because of his teaching methods and techniques. With his professional experience, he taught us how to overcome this PTE exam successfully.

Every day he used to start the session with the introduction on the particular topic and provide an example of the topic. Once if we are clear he would then and there give us an on spot topic and ask us to complete and once done, he would give us a feedback about the topic and make us understand and realise our mistakes in a polite way. That one teaching practical teaching technique was very effective and gave us more inner confidence and strength. All praise to my tutor Anthony.

Though we had made many mistakes and asked many silly questions, he would patiently listen and reply back to us. I should say you have changed my perception on my learning, thinking and understanding the English Language and the lesson.

I still remember that day, even when we had an audio issue(we can hear you and you cannot hear us) you really took pains to understand us without the audio and taught us. It shows how dedicated and concerned you are. Great Job!!..

Without your encouragement, persistence and lots of dedication, it wouldn’t be possible for us to learn the needed things from you.

Thank you a tonne for all the constant efforts, dedication and Thank you for being genuine. Thank you for being you to us. Thank you for being one of the few great teachers out there. May you inspire others to achieve the greatness you have. Please continue your great teaching profession and may your light and lift up many many others lives.


Pratheep Kumar D.S

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