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You Change The Lives Of People In All Possible Way

Posted on November 26, 2014
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I would like to give a feedback on the service offered by both of you as an employee of y-axis. I must say, it is a roller coaster ride for three years, however as they say, all well that ends well. 

Just want to mention this for you Afzal, this wouldn’t have been possible without your help. You have been phenomenal over this period of time. You have a very high patience level that I admire that. In any situation your ability to keep clam would take you a long way. There were heated up discussion, disappointment happened because of some rule changes (out of your hand for sure), however your dealt with that in a positive way and gave me a direction to ensure that we reach to our goal at the end. 

When I received the invitation to apply for a visa, within a matter of few minutes you updated me with this intimation. The continuous tracking and follow up made it possible. I am really thankful for all the effort you put in. From the process stand point, experience with y-Axis is surely one of the best ones.

For Anne, I would say, the frequent follow up with the pleasant smile over the phone kept me going and motivated me to submit the last bit of documents. Thank you for your help there. This one journey has completed and another one is going to start, which would be a bit tough however surely yield a nice results. We will touch base in case I have more queries.

Once again, thank you for your support. You are phenomenal in the way you work. It not just the process, you change the lives of people in all possible way.

I will open the Pandora’s Box after reaching Australia and will remember you not as a company but a family who helped me in achieving my dreams. All the very best.

Thank you 

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