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Best immigration process by Y-Axis

Posted on February 27, 2019
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I have heard a lot of positive reviews about Y-Axis and thus I chose them to get my immigration process done. If it isn’t Y-Axis, I would have never initiated to go to Canada! It was indeed their team who used to call me and give me information about all the countries and also have a detailed evaluation of Canada could be the best choice. ! Their customer service team is always supportive and they have their staff working 24*7 and I remember calling them at midnight at 1 am !! They are extraordinary! I was associated with process consultant, Mr Abdul Rehman who is a gem of a person. He is kind, patient, very supportive and definitely guided me every step on the way!! He didn’t fret at any point and neither did he let me do !! I was basically impatient and anxious about everything and he used to always deal with it with a smile and he was also an effective counsellor! Abdul aided me to complete the process in an efficient manner and I strongly recommend him for anybody who needs a versatile consultant! I also would like to thank Anuja Soodamani who was a counsellor and she was the one who introduced me to the team! She didn’t give up on me when I didn’t think of abroad. She was always energetic, positive! I am really happy that Y-Axis gave me a reason to dream in my life !! I have completed my PR processing for Canada and am waiting for my decision on my application! I would definitely update on this!

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Priya Paul
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