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Aqheel Ahmed- member of the Y-Axis Consultant is an excellent resource for the team

Posted on March 31, 2014
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Good Morning Sir,

Few Things to Highlight for your performance:

Aqheel Ahmed is an integral part Y Axis which proved to be a backbone for our service.

Aqheel Ahmed- member of the Y-Axis Consultant is an excellent resource for the team. Day since he was allocated, process was handled in a smooth way.

He has been an excellent Case Officer. He always walked extra mile and advised things on own much before the situation demanded. He has been a great support for the process & always lead from the front in needy situations.

Few points to mention on his performance
1) Aqheel means solution to every problem. Definition of Aqheel: We have the question and he has the answer.

2) He successfully handled all the queries/issues with regards to our process, also helped team members to resolve our issues.

3) Pro-active – Able to handle critical client queries and taking initiatives in reaching out to clients. Understand the urgency of the issue and acts accordingly. The best example is the Selection of State Sponsorship of South Australia. We did not knew about the news and it was his pro-activeness which helped us to reach the goal.

4) Commitment – Has always shown full commitment towards work in-case of critical issues, crisis, etc.

5) We are very confident and happy which the way he has handled his tasks and reduced time to large extends. Our heartiest thanks and appreciation to Aqheel for this good and consistence performance.

Also, will not forget the Guidance and Induction process highlighted by Pallavi Mam and Bansode Sir over here Pune Office.

Shalak Prabhakar Nawathe

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