You’ve really made my day!

Dear Chiranjeevi,

I still can’t believe my eyes that I can see the status of my file on E-cas after close to 2 years from the start of the process.

Thanks a ton for investigating the issue and finding the solution, your support is much appreciated. You’ve really made my day, I know the importance of having team members like you in the team, you guys make the team look good.

Dear Shantanu, please give a bag pat on Chiranjeevi’s back and a huge round of applause , he is an asset to your team/organization.

Now that I see that the case is “In Process” from 27th January,
• Going by the trend of people who have similar timelines in process from January 2010 , when do you think I can expect the medicals?
• Do you think it makes sense to order CAIPS ?

Once again thanks for your support

Best regards,

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