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  • Jayaram thanks Y-Axis coaching team via Nanda

    Hi Nanda, Please find my score card in the attachment. I have got 77 in writing, whereas in all other sections, my scores are above 79. My scores are as follows: Listening 81, Reading 84, Speaking 90, Writing 75, overall 85 band. Writing:               77 Listening:            81 Reading:             84 Speaking:     … Read More »

    Jan 11, 2018
  • Faraz Khan thanks his IELTS tutor, Rohit

    Hi Rohit,  The session conducted by you was a really great one. It improved my clarity while approaching IELTS exams.    Thank you for such valuable conversations on how to approach the tests, as well as the explanation on each tasks related to the exam.    Regards, Faraz Khan Review By: Faraz Khan

    Jan 10, 2018
  • Irfan Sheikh expresses his thanks to Deepika Suresh, his IELTS tutor

    Hello ma’am,   I got my results please check the attachment.    Overall Band:      7.0   Listening:              7.5   Reading:               7.5   Writing:                 6.5   Speaking:             7.0   Thanks & Regards, Irfan shaikh Review By: Irfan Shaikh

    Jan 10, 2018
  • Very Supportive During Job Search Services Such A Professional Personality

    Well prepared my drafts for Jobs search support finally I wanted to appreciate the whole team of Y-Axis especially my “JSA Mr. Ravikanth” was very supportive during job search services such a Professional personality. He was always patient to listen to my Query’s and helped me sincerely through understands the process and Y-Axis be the… Read More »

    Jan 10, 2018
  • I’ve Opted Y-Axis For Resume Writing And Resume Marketing Services

    I’ve opted Y-Axis for Resume Writing and Resume Marketing services for Singapore. The first thing I noticed with Y-Axis was their thoroughly professional and process driven approach to even the simplest of tasks. They have been very punctual when it comes to responding to mails, calling or returning calls, sending reports and responding tirelessly to… Read More »

    Jan 10, 2018