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Xavier Augustin

Xavier Augustin, Founder & CEO Y-Axis.com

If you ever wandered to this section of our site, chances are that you are interested in knowing a little more about us.

And yes! You have come to the right place.

This blog was written to tell our journey, our story. We have an interesting one that started almost 12-13 years ago depending on where you want to start.

We went through ups and downs but never got out of the business of helping people pursue an overseas career.

In the course of it, we won the trust of our own employees and thousands of customers and today are in business because we build the business on integrity, on transperancy, on respect and dignity and of course, on the aspirations and dreams of middle-class Indians who wish to pursue a career abroad.

This blog, we hope, will showcase our entrepreneurial story as well the daily trials and tributions as a business whose only capital is the trust we enjoy in the marketplace and the knowledge and spirit of our consultants.

Take a peek into our world. We love being here.

Xavier Augustin, Founder & CEO

Y-Axis Overseas Careers